Saturday, January 21, 2017

Change in Modern Schooling Education with Wikipedia

Anyone who has used the internet must know about Wikipedia. We all have been using it since childhood. Wikipedia has helped us in our school projects, college reports, or whenever we wanted to know about any other random topic. In this article, I am not going to tell how Wikipedia can help in schooling education, because firstly I want to make the readers believe in my motto, in Wikipedia's motto, and also make them feel that there is a need for change in education that is currently bestowed in schools. We educate ourselves to gain knowledge in any field of study. So, in a simpler context, education is about imparting knowledge. If you all agree to the previous statement, then you must agree that Wikipedia has something to do with Education. Yes! Wikipedia has been into education officially for more than six years. Now, you must be thinking Wikipedia is all about writing articles, how can it help in school education? Well, I would suggest you to keep reading and keep patience. :)


I just passed my 10+2. I know how much I relate myself to school education. I have experienced it for 12 years. Let me take you back to your schooling days, or if you are studying in school, that's great. In school, while writing a stupid article, or a 1-2 page long answer, the first thing that always struck my mind was, "Why the heck are they making me write this? No matter how much good I write, it will never be read by anyone except my teacher, and even the teacher is not interested." What happened 150 years ago in Education, the same procedure is still followed. While the world has evolved into the 21st century, the education still being of the 19th century. 

The school education can be described as in:

But, what if we modify it as follows:

An absolute and significant change in the pre-existing procedure, right? If you are a student or if you have suffered from the same, you will readily agree to this. I am putting this to halt. I wish to know what you think of change in modern schooling education. In the next article, I will explain in detail how Wikipedia can be used as a tool for education. Till then, brainstorm on this idea and let me know your views in comments.


  1. Great effort by the author.
    Commendable Job!

  2. Great idea do put all Ur efforts to encourage it we all r with u ����

  3. Awesome idea to bring revolution in so called education system.Talented students will feel comfort in this kind of education because they can express themselves freely.

  4. Your idea needs a practical touch now. Lets just help you with it. Do let me know when are you starting the good work.